Sticks, Rocks and Mud Fueled My Construction Career

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Eve Norris.

As a kid, I used to build dams in the creek in my backyard. I would spend hours carefully constructing a dam and then watch the water pond up so I could catch crayfish. Those are some of my fondest memories – getting my hands dirty and turning sticks, rocks and mud into something of real purpose. Today I’m still having fun building things – just on a much larger scale!

When I entered the construction industry 30 years ago, I knew that it was dominated by males and I wondered why they should get to have all the fun. I’m pleased to have seen that gender gap shrink over the years. With an emphasis on STEM and reinforcing to girls at a young age how fun and exciting construction and engineering careers can be has certainly fueled that momentum.

There is a need in the construction industry for both craft and management and I think there is a huge opportunity for women to fill those roles. I started in the trenches, learning the trade and picking up skills along the way. I was fortunate to work with folks at PC Construction who encouraged me and let me tag along to learn from them. I took the bull by the horns and made my career what it is today. I can’t imagine it any other way.