Blue Plains AWWTP Filtrate Treatment Facility

The largest DEMON facility in the world improving water quality and reducing nitrogen discharge.

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Washington, DC
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DC Water
Year Complete

Project Overview

This $60.4 million construction of a new filtrate treatment facility, electrical building, phosphorus building and associated piping modifications incorporated the DEMON® deammonification system into the facility’s treatment process. Work included extensive concrete tankage for filtrate reactor basins and feed basins; installation of the DEMON system – a biological process that removes nitrogen from the plant’s concentrated side streams; ancillary structures and tie-ins to existing underground tunnels and galleries.

The Blue Plains filtrate treatment facility is the largest DEMON facility in the world and is part of capital improvement plan to improve water quality in the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay.


MGD Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility


Less Energy Use Than Typical Nitrogen Removal


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