As employee owners, we see our projects through an owner’s eyes and provide personal attention to everything – from aspirational goals to the fine details. We add value to your project right away by understanding your specific needs, offering solutions and defining a project plan. We then collaborate with talented architects, engineers and trade partners to bring that vision to life.


Safety is at the forefront of our planning and work. It is built into our culture and drives our fundamental goal of sending every PC employee owner and trade partner home safely every day. That means all of us – from our skilled craft to our project leadership – have the responsibility to manage safety on our jobsites.


Quality must be both planned and built into all phases of a project – from design and preconstruction to construction and commissioning. The effort requires a team commitment, shared vision and a collaborative quality control program. We bring our crews together with owners and design teams to ensure our expectations line up every step of the way.


Field Technology

The construction world is rapidly changing. New technology and tools provide significant benefits to age-old techniques. Today we build projects in a virtual setting before a shovel hits the ground. Our skilled craft will always be the hands behind our finished project. Combining their efforts with today’s technology streamlines the construction process and brings powerful benefits and efficiencies in the field.


Lean is used to continuously improve construction methodology and building execution. It is about smarter information flow and understanding how we perceive and process information to be better communicators. It identifies what adds value and eliminates what does not. And it brings all trades to the table to strengthen safety, quality and productivity on our projects.


Every structure PC builds is connected to the earth. We make sure that connection comes with as little impact as possible by favoring sustainable construction practices, efficient building designs and environmentally friendly materials. Our teams are well-versed in LEED, Envision and Passive House construction and we develop cost-effective strategies to meet sustainable building goals.