Cox Creek WRF Enhanced Nutrient Removal Upgrade

Improving the quality of local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

Water Treatment Plant
Curtis Bay, MD
Delivery Method
Anne Arundel County, MD
Year Complete

Project Overview

This $97.8 million project, completed in two phases, represents the largest capital investment in the County’s history and resulted in the significant reduction in nitrogen concentrate and phosphorus levels, ultimately improving the quality of local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

Work included new primary clarifiers; modifications to the blower and scum buildings, post-aeration and sodium bisulfite systems; installation of a new Parshall flume and gravity thickening equipment; new power distribution, generator relocation, and enhancements to the electrical system and process control systems; and new GE membrane filtration facility, high flow treatment system, chemical feed systems, fine screen facility and reactor distribution box.

Coinciding with this project, PC completed an additional $18.2 million scope of work focused on general improvements and upgrades at the facility.


Square Feet of Formwork Installed


Cubic Yards of Excavation Performed


MGD Peak Treatment Capacity