Intrenchment Creek WRC Decommissioning and South River WRC Primary Clarifiers

Transfer of wastewater flow for treatment and discharge.

Atlanta, GA
Delivery Method
City of Atlanta, GA
Year Complete

Project Overview

This $54 million project will enable the transfer all wastewater flow from the Intrenchment Creek WRC to the South River WRC for treatment and discharge to the Chattahoochee River. The Intrenchment Creek WRC facility, which is no longer capable of meeting modern effluent limits, will be decommissioned upon completion.

Work at Intrenchment Creek WRC facility includes the demolition of trickling filters, a new transfer pump station, demolition and replacement of existing bar screens, demolition of digester cover and associated piping, cleaning and rehabilitation of alternative EQ storage tank, installation of transfer pumps and associated piping, and influent and effluent connections.

At the South River WRC site, work includes the rehabilitation of the existing ferric chloride feed system; demolition of the old digester complex, DAF facility and polymer building, thickener control building, gravity thickeners, and acetic acid system; and construction of new collection/primary clarifier splitter box, primary clarifiers, primary sludge pump station and scum pump stations.


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Yard Pipe Installation at Intrenchment Creek WRC