Stuart WTP Reverse Osmosis Treatment Facility

Diversifying water supply options for the future.

Stuart WTP Reverse Osmosis Facility for PFAS Removal
Stuart, FL
Delivery Method
City of Stuart, FL
Year Complete

Project Overview

This new 1.5-mgd reverse osmosis (RO) facility removes toxic PFAS during the water treatment process, providing the community with reliable, safe and high-quality drinking water from a Floridan Aquifer System. Work included the construction of a new RO treatment facility with a 3.0-mgd-capable process/control building, which ties directly to a 1,750-foot deep well and the existing lime softening facility. The project also incorporates a Floridan aquifer water supply well, pretreatment equipment, chemical systems, filter clear well modifications, transfer pump replacement, new pole barn, valves and a new generator building to house a 500-kW generator and a 4,000-gallon diesel fuel storage tank.

RO is one of the most effective, economical technologies available for removing a wide range of impurities from water. This technology will allow the City to diversity its water supply options to address ongoing threats to their existing water supply and the potential for more stringent future drinking water regulation.

Take a closer look at the Stuart WTP Reverse Osmosis Facility


Gallon Supporting Diesel Fuel Storage Tank


Kilowatt Generator and Generator Building


MGD Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility