University of Maine Memorial Gym and Field House Renovation

Modernizing the hub of Black Bear athletics.

Gym Exterior with Feature Windows
Orono, ME
Delivery Method
CM at-Risk
University of Maine
Year Complete

Project Overview

This project represented the first substantial infrastructure upgrade and modernization completed on the two adjoining buildings since they were constructed more than 80 years ago. Substantial exterior renovations to the historic facility involved replacing 22,000 square feet of exterior insulation finishing system panels and installing 90 eight-foot windows covering 5,200 square feet. Work also included ADA accessibility and structural, ventilation and electrical systems; and new locker rooms, student-athlete academic spaces, athletic department administrative offices and restrooms.

Highlights include the construction of a new 190-meter banked track with four competition lanes; more than 50,000 square feet of new Beynon BSS full-depth, poured-in-place urethane athletic flooring for the track and infield area; new platform seating to accommodate 300 spectators; and upgrades to the basketball court.


Square Feet of Beynon BSS Athletic Flooring


Square Feet of EIFS Panels Replaced


Eight-Foot Windows Installed