Milestone Celebrated at Henry Fork WWTP Project

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Our project team at the Henry Fork WWTP Solids Handling Upgrade project in Hickory, North Carolina, recently gathered to celebrate an exciting milestone. The slabs of the solids processing building are complete after four concrete pours totaling over 400 yards. The slabs took a total of 20 hours to place, all on an active wastewater treatment facility with active sludge truck traffic occurring throughout the duration of each of the pours. The work was completed successfully and on schedule due to the use of phase planning to overcome weather issues and pour sequence delays.

The team gathered together for a good old-fashioned BBQ at the hands of Project Superintendent Chris Webb, complete with ribs, brisket, sausage, chicken and other BBQ staples.

This $35 million upgrade to the solids handling process at the existing wastewater treatment facility will bring new treatment processes and enhanced facilities for Catawba County to continue to support its growing residential community. Associated work includes an upgraded sludge storage and pumping facility, a revamped solids receiving station, a new solids processing building and a new dried product storage facility. The new solids processing building will house a Huber dryer system from Germany that will allow the City to turn what was once landfill-designated sludge into a dried fertilizer graded for agricultural use.

Stay tuned for more updates as construction progresses on this exciting project!