At PC, Black Lives Matter

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Like so many, I’ve spent the last month trying to process the devastating chaos sweeping our nation, from the tragedy and death of George Floyd in Minneapolis to the horrors we continue to see. We must do better – for our fellow employee-owners, for our families, for our community and for future generations. We need to bring outside perspectives to our work and never presume to know what someone else’s marginalization feels like.

I won’t pretend that I understand all of the issues, nor the root of this pain – that would be impossible and disingenuous. What I can say is that I see it and I feel it. I am called to do better for myself, my family and our company because Black Lives Matter. My sadness has spurred me to want to learn, research, understand and then act.

To start, I have stepped on to chair the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and will dig into their work. I know we’ve made some progress, but we need to do more. PC has also signed the Culture of CARE pledge through the AGC of America. This pledge honors our united responsibility, as contractors, to ensure everyone has the same opportunities to advance, prosper and succeed, and that our industry is diverse, safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all. These are small steps toward bigger leaps.

What is happening all around us runs deep. It is an issue our world has faced for centuries. Our industry has long struggled to recruit and support minorities and women at all levels. This lack of representation – lack of diversity – holds us back from realizing our full potential. We need to step beyond our efforts to eliminate discrimination and encourage greater diversity at all levels by exploring more concrete policies and practices to demonstrate to every employee-owner, no matter their role or location at PC, that they are valued, respected and unequivocally equal.

PC’s culture is built around BUILDING STRONGER, TOGETHER. Doesn’t that mean we should also stand up for one another? Say something when we see someone being hurt? Do the right thing even when it’s hard? I believe it does.

We will do better. We will be better.

Jay Fayette
President / CEO
PC Construction