Charlotte Fire Department Tours Project Site

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Fire PersonnelNormally, when the fire trucks roll on site, it’s an emergency. Fortunately that’s not the case here. The PC Construction and R.J. Leeper joint venture team recently welcomed the Charlotte Fire Department onsite at the Mallard Creek Water Reclamation Facility to tour our project and meet the team.

The facility is currently undergoing an upgrade to increase its capacity. Primary work includes a new influent pump station, two equalization tanks, an alkalinity facility and modifications to the existing biosolids facility. The excavation process for the influent pump station is underway and is currently at a depth of 30 feet out of the total 65-foot depth. The engineer-designed support of excavation system selected for this excavation is a soil nail system.

During the excavation portion of the work, the project team wanted to connect with local emergency services to familiarize emergency personnel with the site and the work taking place. In an emergency, knowing the key personnel onsite as well as the entrance and egress points of the excavation can save immense amounts of time. The team walked the site with the fire trucks to review turnaround points, entrances, exits and personnel egress. The PC/Leeper team outlined site contacts and the entire group had an educational discussion about emergencies on construction sites.

The PC/Leeper team already has plans in place for the Charlotte Fire Department to return as the project progresses into the mass concrete phase by the end of this year. This site visit was a great opportunity to review our emergency action plan and thank our first responders who keep us safe every day.

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