Dutchland Tank Installation Showcased at Lynchburg WWTP

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Last Wednesday, our construction team onsite at the Lynchburg Wastewater Treatment Plant hosted a Hard Hat Luncheon to celebrate and showcase the installation of the four-million-gallon precast post-tensioned combined sewer overflow tank for the City of Lynchburg. The event was sponsored by Dutchland, PC Construction’s subcontractor on the project.

The Dutchland tank at the Lynchburg site measures approximately 172 feet by 127 feet with wall heights ranging between 29 feet and 34 feet. To accommodate the tank’s location within a flood plain, the cast-in-place concrete slab for the tank incorporates rock anchors to resist buoyancy during rain events.

The entire tank will be set in 11 days with one panel being erected every 15 minutes during the daily installation timeframe. Upon completion of testing, the structure will accept and store up to four million gallons of combined sewer overflow during significant rain events. As the plant can accept the increased volume, the fluid will flow by gravity from the tank to the wastewater treatment plant for processing before release into the river. In the past, if the plant exceeded capacity, the water went directly into the river without treatment.

This project is one of the City of Lynchburg’s largest capital improvement projects and is part of their overall plan to address 132 overflow points within the system and eliminate 93% of the city’s combined overflow issues.