Fitting a Square Building in a Round Hole

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PC Construction is using new, innovative technology to address one of the nation’s most challenging infrastructure projects at DC Water’s Blue Plains AWWTP site. Like many older U.S. cities, our nation’s capital infrastructure dates back to the early 1800s and their storm and wastewater treatment system is no longer able to accommodate heavy rain events, causing overflows of untreated waste into nearby rivers and streams. PC Construction’s work was recently featured in Point of Beginning magazine that explains how our use of virtual construction and geospatial technologies are allowing us to place two 160-foot-tall industrial facilities and related equipment underground into tunnel termination shafts to modernize the city’s storm and wastewater infrastructure and effectively reduce overflows. PC Construction and our partner, CDM Smith, have put innovation and careful planning to the test to address significant challenges and achieve efficiencies and cost savings for the client.

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