Leveraging RTC360 for Floor Flatness Analysis

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Elevation Heat Map in AutoCAD Civil3D with Cloudworx

The PC team is nearing completion of the latest development at Vermont’s Spruce Peak Resort – the 126,000-square-foot Treehouse at Spruce Peak and associated 65,000-square-foot parking garage.

The four-story contemporary luxury alpine building is comprised of wood framing. When compared to light-gauge metal framing, wood tends to be more prone to environmental factors that can lead to deformation. To achieve the highest level of quality, PC used a Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner to evaluate and ensure floor flatness and AutoCAD Civil3D to generate the quantity of gypcrete needed for a level finish.

The evaluation of the floor was completed using AutoCAD Civil3D with Cloudworx to find the high point in each room, generate a topographic surface, and make a comparison surface which provides the quantity of fill. Finding the high point in each room also allows for appropriate mounting heights of various finishes, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing finished product.

The first phase of this project is now complete with the delivery of 23 units. In addition, the 239-space parking garage was completed early in the project in December 2022. The remaining 25 residential units are slated for turnover next month.

Photos: Top – Elevation Heat Map in AutoCAD Civil3D with Cloudworx; Bottom – Level 5 Gypcrete Floor – Finished ElevationLevel 5 Gypcrete Floor – Finished Elevation