Milestones Achieved at Atlanta Water Supply Program Project

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The Atlanta Water Supply Program project is full steam ahead as we near substantial completion in the fall of 2020.

Nearly four years ago, the PC Construction / H. J. Russell joint venture started major construction on this critical $321 million project for the City of Atlanta. A substantial component of the work included boring six miles of tunnel from the City’s Bellwood Quarry to the Chattahoochee River. The tunneling work, which was mined 300 to 400 feet below grade, also included eleven deep shafts mined in Atlanta’s hard rock. This underground work connects the river to the City’s two water treatment plant facilities – Chattahoochee WTP and Hemphill WTP – and a new 2.4-billion-gallon emergency storage facility at the Bellwood Quarry. Additionally, two new pump station facilities were constructed to move water from the quarry to the tunnel and ultimately to the treatment plants.

Upon completion of these facilities, the City celebrated as raw water began flowing into the quarry. Last week, the quarry reached the required elevation for start-up and testing. The PC team is currently testing the vertical turbine pumps by pumping water out of the quarry and recycling the water through the distribution channel and back into the quarry (check out the video shown below to see the testing in action!). Upon completion, the project will greatly increase Atlanta’s reserve water supply from a maximum of 5 days to over 30 days.

Everything about this project has been tremendous – from the overall scope of work to the true team effort that has made it such a success. This is definitely a shining example of how construction management-at-risk delivery can yield extraordinary results on complex treatment plant projects.