Piscataway WRRF Bio-Energy Team Celebrates Safety Achievement

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Yesterday the PC team at the WSSC Piscataway WRRF Bio-Energy project celebrated an exciting safety milestone. The team was one of four recognized with a PC Safety Project of the Year Award for extraordinary safety performance. The WSSC team took the honors in the Greater than 50,000 Work Hours category upon achieving just over 75,700 hours with a 0.00 incident rate in 2021. Since the project’s start, they’ve accumulated over 130,000 hours with a cost per worker hour of less than $0.01 and an incident rate of 0.00.

Also recognized were the Killian Creek WWTP Phase 3 Upgrades project team in North Carolina, the Wildflower Farms project team in New York, and the Martin’s Point Health Care Brunswick Health Care Center project team in Maine.

Each year, all of PC’s projects are evaluated for their overall safety performance as well as additional considerations such as situational response, project safety reports, risks and hazards, compliance with PC’s safety program and subcontractor safety. The top safety performers are recognized as Safety Projects of the Year.