Potomac Raw Water Pump Station Completes Final Function Demonstration Test

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Loudoun Water’s new Potomac Raw Water Pumping Station is in the final stages of start-up and commissioning and is nearing site acceptance testing. The pump station will deliver up to 40 mgd of flow to the new Trap Rock Water Treatment Plant, which is also nearing the final stages of construction, for final treatment. The flow is conveyed using a combination of four, 900-horsepower vertical turbine pumps with a pumping capacity of 9260 GPM each and 108-foot-deep shafts fed by 52-inch header piping that draws from the Potomac River.

Last week, the PC Construction teams filled the 42-inch diameter pipeline that connects the pump station and treatment plant over a six-mile distance in preparation for the pump station’s final functional demonstration test. The test confirmed the programming flow control pacing of the vertical turbine pumps over a range of 4 to 40 mgd.