The Cambi THP System Arrives at WSSC Piscataway Bio-Energy Project

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The excitement on site was visible when the first truck delivering the Cambi unit arrived at the Piscataway site. Over the course of three days, nine trucks arrived delivering the modular Cambi components for installation by the PC team.

This was not PC’s first Cambi installation. The onsite team had the experience and lessons learned from installing the largest Cambi system in the world at DC Water’s Blue Plains AWWTP. The benefits of the planning process was evident as the trucks arrived in a set sequence and the modular equipment was offloaded directly to the awaiting concrete pad. Always with an eye on safety, PC’s team first erected the four smaller reactor tanks, followed by the feed pump skid, the flash tank and pulper tank and finally the walkway platforms and piping connecting the system.

This fall, a secondary pulper and feed tank will be delivered and installed. These components will ensure continuous operation during maintenance and inspection periods and will be the first Cambi system in the world with this additional operational capacity.

While the delivery and installation of Cambi was a key milestone, several other components have continued to progress. Dutchland has made significant progress on the deammonification tanks. After pouring the three base slabs, each sitting on a different elevation, they began erecting the 89 wall panels that form the tank as well as the 30 additional beam, walkway, roof and floor panels. With everything erected, large steel tendons were pulled through the panels and tensioned to achieve structural integrity and watertightness. The tanks are now ready for testing.

The PC team has also completed the cake storage pad facility, which will house the final Class A biosolids before it is hauled offsite. Work continues on the foundation for the cake receiving facility where trucks from other WSSC sites will deliver sludge to be processed through the THP facility.

DN Tanks is nearing completion on the two 1.5-million-gallon digester tanks. Foundations for the CHP, gas cleaning and storage facilities are being prepped and poured in anticipation of the equipment delivery.

Looking forward, Nitterhouse will soon be back on site erecting the precast concrete wall and roof system for the Solids building.

Stay tuned for updates as the Piscataway landscape continues to change!

Check out the progress: