Wes Fletcher Reaches 60,000-Hour Safe Work Milestone

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Wes Fletcher 60,000 Hours

We have been keeping our eyes on two PC employee-owners who were each rapidly approaching 60,000 safe work hours. We are excited to announce that Wes Fletcher has officially reached this tremendous milestone and claimed the title of PC’s first 60,000-hour award recipient. Pete Sweeney, who is a mere 75 hours away from the same achievement, is expected to reach his milestone in the next few weeks.

We are proud of all our employee-owner’s accomplishments but this one is truly special – a first in PC’s history and a rarity in this industry. We commend the efforts of both Wes and Pete. Through their actions, they have proven that a successful, incident-free career is not only possible, but achievable. They are truly role models and I am proud to have two such outstanding individuals on our team.