37th Street Water Treatment Plant Toured by WaterJAM Participants

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On September 15, the Virginia Water Environment Association conducted a tour of the 37th Street Water Treatment Plant as part of WaterJAM’s weeklong program. The Plant receives its water from a number of reservoirs in the western portions of the Hampton Roads and provides treated water to the majority of Norfolk and portions of Chesapeake.

Ryan Maslyn of the City of Norfolk and Doug Noffsinger of CH2M led the tour of the newly constructed filter building, the modifications to the sedimentation basin clearwell and intermediate pump station, the new settled water pump station, and the new UV disinfection building. Close coordination and extensive planning with design team and plant personnel is crucial to maintaining minimum finished water supply throughout construction

“Space limitations at the plant site, construction sequencing and maintenance of plant operations during construction were among the biggest challenges and PC Construction was very collaborative in working through them and helping us meet our goals and get the plant ready for this tour,” said Maslyn.

The $25 million project, which is under construction by PC Construction, will enhance water quality by implementing new deep-bed filtration and UV disinfection. This is only the third implementation of UV disinfection technology in the Commonwealth of Virginia.