Diversity & Inclusion at PC

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In June, I made a commitment to spearhead change at PC. We continue to see tremendous unrest in our country with the tragic loss of lives, morality, and the basic commitment to treating everyone fairly and humanely. These issues run so deep. Take a look at some of the greatest motivators of human rights change in our history – Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Dalai Lama, Ghandi – and the great strides they made in our world, yet here we are struggling with the same challenges every single day.

While these challenges cannot be solved by one person or one company, PC is committed to leveraging our reach across the East Coast to improve our workplaces and the communities in which we work. I will rally our teams to take the steps necessary to ensure PC becomes a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. Together, we are researching, learning, and trying to comprehend where we are to shape our actions and our behaviors to do better and be better.

As an employee-owned company, we commit to:

  • A Diversity and Inclusion Board and six Action Teams dedicated to driving momentum on our efforts.
  • Engaging with minority candidates to add diversity to PC’s Board of Directors.
  • A corporate giving campaign that specifically recognizes diverse and underrepresented organizations and their accomplishments in our communities.
  • Educational opportunities for our employee-owners to create a culture of awareness and behavior around diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and in our lives.
  • A recruiting strategy that is deliberate and intentional to hire qualified and talented candidates from more diverse backgrounds.
  • Analyzing compensation across the company to ensure pay equity.
  • Reviewing our policies and procedures through an inclusionary lens and making deliberate changes that set the stage for a successful and diverse workplace.
  • Embracing and developing relationships with MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) firms to strengthen our project teams and bring perspective to our actions.
  • Reinforcing diversity and inclusion as a long-term company-wide commitment by incorporating actions directly into our strategic plan.

At PC, “Building Stronger, Together” is about culture. It is our commitment and it is our promise. We welcome, encourage and celebrate a diverse and inclusive workforce. It will make us a better company, help us make better decisions and lead our employee owners to bring their best selves every day.