My Internship at PC

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I am a construction management major at East Carolina University and this past summer I interned with PC Construction. From the start, it was a very meaningful experience.

My time began with a day of orientation which covered everything I needed to know to work safely and effectively with PC. From this moment, I understood that PC was different – they really care about the safety of their workers. PC even goes above and beyond OSHA requirements to further prevent injuries. I always felt so good working for a company that made my wellbeing a priority.

I spent most of my internship at a wastewater treatment plant in Stanley, North Carolina. I gained a lot of hands-on field experience by working with others onsite and also in the office with a focus on meaningful management experience. I learned how to schedule a project, do inventory and takeoff, complete safety walks, and read a contract. I also gained substantial experience on several construction management programs, such as Procore. I was mentored by my supervisor, and he made sure to give me tasks that were relevant to my major and what I needed to learn to be successful upon graduation. By working at two other treatment plant projects, I gained new experiences and learned how the same task is applied differently based on varying site conditions. I was also so fortunate to join the PC team at a strategy meeting in South Carolina to discuss a potential water treatment plant project bid. Here I learned about the strategies, methods and thought processes that go into a new project pursuit, and I gained valuable insight into how the pre-bid process works.

This internship provided the experience I needed to further my career in construction management. PC certainly set the bar for other companies as I begin my post-graduation career search!