Perfect Orchestration for Penstock Placement

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Over the course of three days, PC Construction worked with subcontractor G.W. Tatro to place an 83-foot stream crossing section of new 6 ½-foot-diameter penstock for Green Mountain Power. The penstock carries water from the Glen Dam to the hydroelectric station located on Route 7 in Rutland, Vermont.

PC Construction’s Special Projects Group is serving as the construction manager for the project and is also self-performing the associated concrete work. The project includes the replacement of approximately 1,700 lineal feet of existing 78-inch I.D. riveted steel penstock with new I.D. spiral welded steel penstock, as well as the removal and replacement of the existing concrete foundations. The section of pipe shown in the photo was especially challenging because the concrete piers are located on either side of an existing stream that could not be altered or disturbed. PC Construction and G.W. Tatro developed a plan to pre-fabricate and install the complete span, the longest of this type we’ve ever installed, in a way that it could be completed without working in the stream.

Work began in early August and substantial completion is expected by late November.