Structural Steel Underway for BETA Technologies’ S40 Aircraft Assembly Facility at BTV

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Structural Steel ErectionOn Monday, the PC and BETA Technologies teams celebrated the placement of the first steel truss, marking a major milestone in the construction of BETA’s new electric aerospace assembly facility at Burlington International Airport in South Burlington, Vermont.

The 187,000-square-foot high-bay facility, which is located directly adjacent to the Burlington International Airport runways, will include assembly space, office and employee spaces, and support areas. This first phase of BETA’s campus expansion project will support the development of the aerospace company’s first electric aircraft, the ALIA.

Mass excavation began onsite in October 2021 to prepare for the initial pouring of concrete, which began last month. The steel trusses, a proprietary product by Lainco Inc., are 10 feet tall and will provide a clear span of 170 feet at the center of the facility.

Partnering with BETA Technologies and PC Construction is the design team of Stantec, Studio 3 Architecture, Scott + Partners, Wagner Hodgson, Lainco, and RFS Engineering.

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Structural Steel Erection