We’ll See You at WaterJAM 2022

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WaterJAM is here and we are excited about the opportunities to learn, share and network with our fellow industry professionals! The lineup of educational sessions is extensive, with a few opportunities to hear from members of the PC team. If you missed us at Tri-Con, now’s your chance!

Tuesday, 9/13, 1:30pm

I will present “CMAR and Early Contractor Involvement Puts Critical Infrastructure Project on Path to Success”. This session is based on PC Construction’s experience on the Atlanta Water Supply Program project.

Details: In 2007 the City of Atlanta was in critical need of emergency water storage and their existing supply was in jeopardy of failure due to aging infrastructure. Their concept – to mine a five-mile tunnel under the City from an abandoned rock quarry to the Chattahoochee River – would supply a new 2.4-billion-gallon reservoir. Successful completion would provide 30 days of emergency water storage and ensure access to clean, safe drinking water for the next 100 years. Construction manager at-risk (CMAR) was chosen as the delivery method due to the immense complexity of the project, budget concerns and the desire to collaborate early with a construction partner. The City’s Department of Watershed Management had never delivered a project using the CMAR process but knew that proactive collaboration would be key to ensuring a successful outcome. What followed brought together a truly collaborative team of engineers, owners, contractors, suppliers, and trade contractors to produce 12 guaranteed maximum price proposals, five years of complex construction at multiple sites, zero recordable injuries and a new water supply program that was delivered on time and below budget.

Wednesday 9/14, 11:00am

PC Preconstruction Specialist Laura Simmers is teaming with Joe Uglevich, Vice President, Director Water Delivery – North America at Stantec, to present “Mitigating the Impacts of Volatile Market Conditions through Progressive Design-Build”. This session looks at how these issues were tackled on WSSC Water’s Piscataway WRRF Bioenergy Project.

Details: COVID-19, extreme inflation and staffing shortages have ravaged our industry. The team currently building the Bioenergy facility for WSSC Water has mitigated all of these challenges through the benefits of Progressive Design-Build (PDB). Learn how a collaborative team of builders, designers and owner staff have come together to offset overheated market conditions, labor shortages and price volatility within the current budget. The $270 million Bio-Energy facility at the Piscataway WRRF for WSSC Water began construction in late 2019 just months before the COVID pandemic struck the US. The team was forced to quickly take decisive action to keep the project on course. We will share with you how this highly technical project is now on track to finish on time and on budget. Re-prioritizing submittals to release early procurement, onsite material storage, 100% paperless document sharing, drone documentation, utilization of alternative construction materials, minimizing labor-intensive construction methods and the onsite presence of the design team to encourage collaboration and innovative problem-solving are just a few examples of tools implemented to navigate the unsteady waters.