#WIC: Meet Kaitlyn

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About Kaitlyn
Little known fact about me: It’s a well-known fact, but I am a crazy dog mom to a 95-pound black goldendoodle named Gus – he’s the best. He has traveled with me across four states and multiple projects.
How I give back: I am on the board of Vermont HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) and volunteer for their annual leadership seminar for high school sophomores. I also co-chair PC’s Diversity and Inclusion Board which drives PC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, which are especially important to me as a woman in the construction industry.
Favorite dessert: Chocolate – brownies, cake, chocolate chip cookies, etc.

Her Story
A young engineer at heart, Kaitlyn had aspirations to complete her undergraduate degree in civil engineering, go to graduate school, and then spend her career designing roller coasters. After an internship with PC during her junior year summer, Kaitlyn decided graduate school could wait and, well, roller coaster design wasn’t the most booming career option, so she did the next best thing – accepted an office engineer position with PC. And here she is – nearly 10 years later – a successful, positive, and determined project manager leading the construction of a $32 million 60,000-square-foot medical research facility in the heart of the University of Vermont campus.

“As an alumna of UVM, it is exciting to be back on campus, only this time I am helping build a facility that will benefit the future of UVM faculty, staff and students for decades to come,” said Kaitlyn. “I am one of three women on this team, which is so exciting. It is very common to be the only woman on a project, so having three of us is such a great sign for the industry and the young women construction is attracting.”

While Kaitlyn enjoyed her internship almost a decade ago, she wasn’t convinced that construction would be a long-term fit. She soon came to appreciate the diverse opportunities construction provided. “I enjoy the challenge, and the variety of people and projects I get to work with. Every project is different, and I’ve had the opportunity to work on everything from a wastewater treatment plant and underground utilities to an ice cream factory and now a medical research building. It is exciting!”

On and off the job, Kaitlyn is a natural mentor and inspiration to young women. She is one PC’s youngest project managers and the co-chair of PC’s Diversity and Inclusion Board. She has high expectations – for herself and others – and ensures her team is set up for success.

“I have been fortunate to find some great mentors over the years. That solid connection is so important for young engineers, especially young women. I am constantly motivated to learn, grow and be a great leader in hopes that I can be that role model for others.”

Kaitlyn’s outlook for the future is optimistic. “Women have a lot to offer – we are smart, organized and relationship-driven. Those traits and every skill we bring to the table makes our construction teams stronger.”

There is no doubt that women can succeed in the industry with the right drive and that is certainly true for Kaitlyn. Now we just hope she doesn’t find that dream job designing roller coasters!

Kaitlyn is currently the project manager on UVM’s new medical research facility and is one of three women on the team. “It is very common to be the only woman on a project, so having three of us is such a great sign for the industry and the young women construction is attracting.”